DB-Replicator is the leading  solution for Data Replication, Change Data Capture and Data Transformation for both databases and file systems in a heterogeneous enterprise environment. Performance and scalability allow it to replicate thousands of systems asynchronously in near real time. With flexible configuration, powerful scripting, and rich programming interfaces, DB-Replicator can be extended to meet a wide range of data synchronization requirements.


  • Support for most major databases.
  • Trigger-based Change Data Capture (CDC) system replicates data in near real time with low system overhead.
  • Transaction awareness groups row changes to be committed together.
  • Horizontal and vertical data filtering for subsets of a table.
  • Transformation for translation, enhancement, and filtering of data.
  • Map data between columns and tables to bridge different applications.
  • Detect conflicts and resolve using automated rules or manual notification.


  • Support for most major file systems and operating systems.
  • Configure base directories and whether to include sub-directories.
  • Filter which files to include and exclude from synchronization.
  • Extend and change behavior of the file sync by configuring scripts to run during specific synchronization events.


  • One-way or bi-directional, multi-master synchronization.
  • Pull or push delivery controls which side creates the connection.
  • Schedule or run continuously for near real time synchronization.
  • Organize groups of nodes into tiers that sync with each other.
  • Changes grouped into batches for tracking and efficiency.
  • Initial data load prepares the remote database and file system for synchronizing changes.


  • Efficient data protocol for low-bandwidth operation.
  • Encryption of data stream for secure communication.
  • Withstand periods of downtime and automatically recover from a network outage.
  • Deploy nodes across local or wide area networks.


  • Web management console for easy setup and support.
  • Configure and monitor all nodes from central location.
  • Scripting support for event handling and data transformation.
  • Java programming interface allows customizations and extensions.
  • Deploy as a standalone server, web application server, or embedded application.

Your Best Replicate Solution for Databases

Business Benefits

Consolidate data synchronization with a single mechanism for both files and databases.

Guarantee replication of data without requiring special drivers or modifications to database applications.

Consolidate, distribute, or backup heterogeneous data across the enterprise.

Protect sensitive data by filtering it from operational data and routing it to authorized recipients.

Improve integration performance and make efficient use of bandwidth.

Massage, cleanse, and enhance data in near real time for reporting that enables informed business decisions.

Multiple Platforms


DB-Replicator works with most major

database systems as well as with databases geared towards smaller and

embedded systems.

DB-Replicator can run on any system with a Java Runtime Environment. It is adaptable, running on small memory systems and scaling to support large central installations.

 System Requirements Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, Android, iOS.

Java SE version 6 or newer

Databases Supported

 Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server (including Azure), IBM DB2 (UDB, iSeries, and zSeries), H2, HSQLDB, Derby, Firebird, Interbase, Informix, Greenplum, SQLite, Sybase ASE, Sybase ASA (SQL Anywhere), Amazon Redshift, MongoDB, and VoltDB databases 

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